OFF{AL} (2016)

Written by: Richard Taylor.

Aussie mad man Splat aka David Chopping delivers this evil little deity of a short film upon the underground masses.  Chopping is a long time supporter of underground films and associate of Extreme Horror Cinema www.extremehorrorcinema.com who are a group who share the latest extreme horror news/reviews/interviews.  This short was also featured on Volume 4 of Yan Kaos Underground Gore Shorts Anthology which is a sick compilation of international gore short films digging up only the most vile shit for true underground gore freaks to feast upon.  Contact Yan D.I.Y. and Splat/David Chopping on Facebook for more info on their sick material.  

This version of Off(al) is a bit different from the release on the gore shorts compilation I believe.  This one is in black and white and the other one is in color with a couple of other differences in editing. Off(al) is a dank ass down and dirty trip into the deranged mind of a baby mutilating maniac who lives a tormented existence as a sick dog of society.  The plot is simple and there is basically no dialogue but you the atmosphere and music really strike a nerve in your subconsciousness with the sheer feeling of dread and darkness it displays on the screen.

The little bit of dialogue there is has the maniac (played by Splat) playfully commenting on how cute the dead babies eyes are as the wretched and broken fetus is suffocatingly disposed of in a transparent plastic bag.  What makes it even more twisted is the showing of the familiar saying that comes written on the bag commenting how the bag can be harmful if it comes in contact with children and how it can suffocate them, a rather twisted bit of content which also brings to light some sick ass satire here.

The beginning of the short has the character bothered by nonstop crying from what would be clearly identified as an infant.  I'm not sure if its his infant or not but later on he dons a nightmare inducing mask and we see the baby is dead in a bag which he has placed in a bathroom sink.  He then proceeds to mutilate it with a pocket knife and we get some fucked up visuals of the infants severed head detached from the carcass laying in the sink.  Some other sick shit ensues including a self inducing vomiting session.

I think this a great and moody little short, a one man project which delivers some chilling visuals, atmosphere and a great haunting soundtrack.  Contact Yan D.I.Y. on Facebook to check it out with a bunch of other great shorts or at the very least contact Splat/David Chopping on Facebook where he has a link where you can watch it for free.  Cheers and support from Canada, throw another dead baby on the bar-b.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Directed by: David Chopping
Written by: David Chopping
Produced by: David Chopping
Cinematography by: David Chopping
Editing by: David Chopping
Special Effects by: David Chopping
Music by: David Chopping
Cast: David Chopping
Year: 2016
Country: Australia
Language: English
Color: Black & White
Runtime: 14min

Distributor: Mental Head Trauma Films