Directed by: James Bell
Written by: James Bell
Stars: Mae Bell, James Bell, Rick Hubble, Nathan Rumler

Year: 2017
Genrer: Horror, Short
Run time: 40 min
My rating: 5 out of 5

James Bell has landed Tantrum2 and it's well worth the wait. Never has such an experimental low budget film maker pushed the envelope in such fashion as James and his wife Mae. Down to earth people who let their dark desires come to life on the screen. Tantrum 2 is a continuation of the original which was actually the first film I ever watched by the rogue film maker so seeing a sequel years later brings a switch blade smile from ear to ear on my worn face.

Where Nutsack was this fun and fucked up epic of baby splattering madness Tantrum 2 is a different beast entirely and follows along those more experimental lines the original Tantrum rolled with. With each movie Bell makes I notice every transition and advancement. In the case of Tantrum 2 we are treated to a brilliant experimental industrial structured soundtrack. Bell should also be a sought after effects artist because his work in this rivals some of the best practical effects work out there, he deserves huge credit for the technical merit and level his work has reached in this. Bell has also created some cool looking nightmarish masks in this one which are very memorable.

Plenty of grotesque images and even some statements, some which are clearer than others, cue the burning of the confederate flag. Mae Bell puts herself out there big time in this if that's even possible because her performance in Nutsack was very involved and deep. Not afraid to shy away from nudity or controversial themes the audience are treated to a visual feast of powerful and disturbing images whilst that pulsing soundtrack is delivering those vibes in the background.

So many memorable and sick gore sequences are contained but the scene where Mae rips off a dick with her mouth is probably the icing on the cake not to mention the scene where she inserts the severed penis into her gash and later pushes it out onto the floor. Tantrum 2 is the visual feast of a mindfuck and one of the most experimentally mind numbing experiences of 2017, nobody else is doing shit like this and doing it right. Gore aside there is some great footage of James and Mae wearing those monstrous masks while doing different bizarre body moments and motions, very cool shit.

This is instantly on my top list of 2017, the expert level of fucked up intensity on this one is beyond that which can be humanly fathomed. The dilapidated locations, the make up effects, the music, the performances, everything meshes well to produce one complete mind fuck package. All extreme low budget underground fans need Tantrum 2: Phantom Of The Demon in their lives, James Bell is a name that needs to infect the indie messes like a diarrheatic plague. You will never find more bizarre and fucked up shit done with such vigor. The beginning of Tantrum 2 has a tribute to James lifelong friend Rick Hubble who was involved in The Bell's films, Hubble passed away so let him rest in peace and this last feature that he worked on be a testament to the creative edge he brought to light.


Produced by: Very Fine Crap Videos
Cinematography by: James Bell, Rick Hubble, Mae Bell
Editing by: James Bell
Special Effects by: James Bell
Music by: James Bell
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Very Fine Crap Videos